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Dear World! We won in Samora’- عسكر

Dear World,

We won in Samora’, the land of the Imam al Hassan al Askari, the father of Imam al Mahdi peace be upon him.

The brigades of the Lord of Martyrs (i.e. Imam Hussain peace be upon him) defeated today an attack by ISIS described as the largest since its evolution.
An Iraqi Military expert  told Afaq TV that today’s sever clashes lasted 7 hrs since early morning almost 5 a.m. local time. He also said ISIS is being supported by U.S..

This added victory raises large bold questions & doubtness on the attacks on France.
Some rashed calling for increasing awareness among Muslims -the calls that I mock because Muslims are aware more than any others that these attacks along with 9/11’s are categorized as the whole set conspiracy against Islam. How could ISIS be defeated in Iraq, al Qaeda in Yemen while US planes without pilots continue to chase ghosts leaving al Qaeda highly operating and instead they chase the spirits of innocent Afghani and Pakistani people attending WEDDINGS. How could ISIS French brand not be defeated on the Republic of FRRRRRRANCE?!!!!

نحن للعسكري عسكر
نصرنا زينب
وننصر المتتظر
في الفجر والصبح اذ سفر
فالارض مهد والعدو ادبر
ونحن الشمعة والدمعة والامنية والعسكر
ارض المختار وحيدر ومن كبر
تناديك يا منصور اغث
بحق هذا الجند والعسكر
اطل على الدنيا بثغرك الباسم
وانثر على رؤسنا الورد والزهر والدر
ورقية الفتح والنصر
ليستسلم الكون بساكنيه ومن عسكر
اذا جاء نصر الله وولي الله
ليس لهم الاك ومن صف لتراب مقدمك الفداء عسكر
تلعثم الكفر والجبن وبانت الشمس
وتدور القمر وشع النجم متلاءلئا
مهنئا من انتصر
عسكر يا مهدي عسكر

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Al Khoei Foundation on Paris Attacks

Al Khoei Foundation

Statement on the terrorist attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris

The Al-Khoei Foundation is shocked and appalled by the terrorist attack that took place in Paris yesterday in the offices of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. The loss of 12 innocent lives and injury of others is a criminal act, which is against all principles of faith. The brutal murder of the journalists and the police officer was a heinous crime that is condemned unreservedly.

Unfortunately, such horrific acts in the name of religion have become a global phenomenon that is affecting the peace and order of all communities, while innocent victims of these acts, from all faiths and backgrounds, are suffering at the hands of extremists. The use of violence in response to feeling offended is completely unacceptable. The Al-Khoei Foundation strongly believes that interfaith dialogue is the best way to increase understanding and foster tolerance within a framework of free speech and respect. 

It is now more important than ever that we come together and increase our efforts to tackle the root cause of this violence that has no religious underpinning and has subverted the name of Islam. Exposing the terrorists and countering their misguided ideology is imperative, in order to protect our right to engage in civilised, humane discourse. While at the same time we must show unity and solidarity and ensure that all communities and religious groups support each other and are fairly dealt with in the media. The spontaneous coming together of the Australian public around  ‘#Illridewithyou’  gives us hope that around the globe, citizens will not be cowed but will continue to act with humanity, empathy and love – the tenets of Islam as understood by the vast majority of Muslims worldwide.
During these extremely difficult times, we would like to offer our heartfelt condolences and support to the families of the victims. We pray for the souls of the departed individuals and pray for peace in Paris and across the world.

8 January 2015

For enquiries please contact  


Prophet Muhammad and his Household, Peace be upon them

The Day Imam Al Mahdi was appointed as Infallible Imam 8 Rabie al Awal- 1/1/2015 Anniversary

It is a great coencidence having the 1/ 1/ 2015 the anniversary of appointing Imam al Mahdi in 360 Higera as the up till now 12th infallible Imam and divine successor to Prophet Mohammad peace be upon them.
2014 and the years behind , we humanity suffered maximum hardship everywhere on this globe and world charitable individuals and organizations have paid their best to ease life. Thanks to all good willing people who strive to heal, correct the path of humanity despite the warlords’ conpiracies, monopolies and bargaining the blood of victims.

Hope always fills the space and the oxygen we breathe for this world is definitely undercontrol flowing in the path designed by Almighty Allah.

The hardship we humanity have witnessed will be disolved the moment we know that we are so close and heading toward the one glorious destiny- this future of Mahdism when thr Mahdi and Jesus rule the world.

I wish this globe ruled by al Mahdi bin al Hassan

People all over the world & prominent world orginizations on top of which UN all expressed their deep upset for the successive failures of those in power in ruling and managing citizen basic rights and meeting these rights and demands.
Media observations have named 2014 as the year of protest for all peoples have expressed their anger demanding the betterness in almost all life aspects.
The black fellows raised their sologan I can’t breathe against US at home discrimination. 

Avaaz, world campaigner, also successfully gathered millions of people in a demonstration described as the largest in the world urging world leaders & companies to take immediate measures for climate change threatening our breathe and life here on this planet.

Immigration of people has been the last resort for people who no longer believe in the whole package will-to-promises or ink-on-paper projects & the overall local rule system whose MPs must be considered committing a crime against humanity for not fulfilling their duties towards their citizens & not being creative on enhancing peoples’ life.

Another huge gathering took place in Iraq, the land of Ali & Hussain, walking by foot heading toward the Shrine of Imam Hussain in 2 imporant days on Islamic calender paying tribute and expressing sorrow for missing such figure, ruler, reformer & justice seeker like Imam Hussain.

Imam Hussain taught & influenced Ghandi how to rebell agsinst oppression.

I’ve learned from Imam Husssain how to be an oppressed and yet achieve victory


These 2 days Ashoura & al Arbaeen must be on world agenda. Media must cover this event. Uk paper of The Independent did cover it in 2014.
The top Shia clerk Sayed Hadi al Modarisi article on al Arbaeen found its way to published on Huffington Post paper introducing what’s the event is about. (Search Greetings from Karbala documentary on this blog).

UN has launched an amazing global 2015 Agenda and Beyond or Post 2015 Agenda and still striving to ensure supplying people with the yet basic basic needs of water, food, education, health and better governance. Vote is here for your top 6 issues and you may express your needs in the suggest category.

We the people are demanding real change for betternesss in all life aspects because we deserve. Simply because we deserve.

Social media facilitated great opportunity for citizens’ interactivity and most importantly to have their word shared and directly attached to world media outlets and be in their inbox. Citizens are not just passive recievers. They are now sharing their posts and news affecting their life. Media, like DW, that turn a blind-eye to people’s suffering, like in the case of the rebellions in Bahrain and BBC that still label ISIS mess in Syria by ‘oppositions’ have to reconsider their policies. Al Jazeera was shut in Egypt for its role in propogating the Brotherhood block who committed the worst crimes against humanity and religions especially Shia and Chrystians in the country.

US failed to meet its foreign affairs angelic image for its involvement in stiring conflicts in the world especially the Middle East. Its role was exposed in Saymour Hersh The Redirection article written in 2007 in which he quoted the Saudi Bandar Bin Sultan statement on funding extremists and that he doesn’t know where this extrimism would lead. This cook was in presence of George Bush. Then ISIS was created and the world has been suffering from their worst news of slaughtering. Human Rights organizations including Amnesty that usually shows mercy against penalty punishement even to criminals involved in terrorist attacks said:

We have all the incidents that ISIS is commiting war crimes


2014 was a brilliant chapter that exposed all masks.

Humanitarian organizations that decry shortage of funding & donations must urge warlords to pay compensations for victims especially in Lebanon, Iraq, Afghsnistan and Pakistan for the unbealarable hatred attacks day and night taking the lives of tens to hundreds all at once- yet as if nothing goes on!!! Inapropriately covered by media. Inapropriately managed to halt.

Shia Rights Watch that emerged in 2008 and has been raising its voice since then calling world community to take immediate measures to stop attacking and genocing Shia in Syria, Malaysia (advertised on CNN Truely Asia)- yet these calls are not heard.

Saymour Hersh in the above mentioned article said:

Christians will be surprised that they will be defended by Shia from threats from terrorrists like ISIS.

The Ayzidis attacked, raped, sold & displaced by ISIS expressed their gratefulness to Shia for saving their lives in Iraq.

I am certain of the coming day that people from all around the world will come & join us in the celebration festival of the arrival of the Mahdi- the day that Jesus comes to hold negogiation with the Christian world to join and let the world be finally ruled by justice- not US fake justice, not any justice but divine justice. (Search Awaiting documentary film on this blog)

نحن لا نحتفل بتتويج الإمام المهدي (عجل الله فرجه الشريف وصلى الله عليه وعلى آبائه الطاهرين)

قال سماحة السيّد المرجع (دام ظله): “قيل: إن هذا اليوم – يوم التاسع من ربيع الأول – هو اليوم الأول لإمامة الحجة المنتظر (عجل الله تعالى فرجه الشريف وصلوات الله وسلامه عليه). إلا أن هذا غير تامّ؛ لأن استشهاد الإمام الحسن العسكري (سلام الله عليه) كان في الثامن من ربيع الأول، وإذا عرفنا أن الإمام التالي يكون إماماً في اللحظة التي يستشهد فيها الإمام الذي قبله «لأن الأرض لا تخلو لله من حجة»، فهذا معناه أن إمامة الإمام المهدي (عجل الله تعالى فرجه الشريف) الظاهرية إبتدأت في الثامن من ربيع الأول وليس في التاسع منه الذي يصادف اليوم الثاني لإمامته عجل الله تعالى فرجه الشريف”.
مقتطف من خطاب السيّد المرجع – 9 ربيع الأول 1426 هـ


#فرحة_الزهراء #أسبوع_البراءة #الغدير_الثاني #نزع_السواد #ربيع_الميلاد #هلاك_الظالم

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اكتشاف رسالة من عائلة تشرشل رجته فيها عدم اعتناق الإسلام


اكتشاف رسالة من عائلة تشرشل رجته فيها عدم اعتناق الإسلام
ذكرت صحيفة الإندبندنت أن عائلة رئيس الوزراء ‫‏البريطاني‬ الأسبق وينستون ‏تشرشل‬ طلبت منه مقاومة رغبته في اعتناق ‫‏الإسلام‬، وذلك في رسالة تعود إلى عام 1907 عثر عليها مؤخرا.

قالت صحيفة الإندبندنت البريطانية إن أسرة رئيس الوزراء ‫البريطاني‬ الأسبق وينستون تشرشل‬ – الذي قاد المملكة المتحدة إلى الانتصار على النازيين الألمان‬ في ‫الحرب‬ العالمية الثانية – دعته إلى مقاومة ميوله لاعتناق ‫الإسلام‬، وذلك في رسالة (ترجع لعام 1907) تم العثور عليها حديثا.
الرسالة خطتها سيدة تدعى ويندولين بيرتي، والتي أصبحت فيما بعد زوجة أخيه، وكتبت فيها: “لو سمحت لا تتحول إلى الإسلام. لقد لاحظت في تصرفاتك ميلا إلى الشرق. وإذا ازداد اتصالك بالإسلام، فيمكن أن تتحول بسهولة أكبر مما تتصور. ندائي إليك هو نداء الدم. هل تعرف ما أعنيه؟ حارب ضد هذه الرغبة”.
وذكرت الإندبندنت أن تشرشل – الذي أقام فترة في ‫السودان وراقب خلالها المجتمع الشرقي – كان مسحورا على ما يبدو بثقافة الشرق الإسلامية، وأن عائلته حاولت إقناعه بعدم الدخول في الإسلام. في حين ذكر مصدر مطلع للصحيفة أن تشرشل كان علمانيا وأنه كان انتقد من وجهة نظره – في مذكراته التي كتبها عام 1899 – عدم تحرير ‫المرأة‬ في المجتمع ‫الإسلامي‬.
ع.م/ ف.ي

اليمين الفرنسي يلغي تعليق عضوية مسؤول اعتنق الإسلام
أحد أعضاء الحزب اليميني المتطرف في فرنسا يكشف عن اعتناقه للإسلام. الحزب الفرنسي قرر في البداية تعليق عضوية المسؤول، لكنه تراجع عن القرار بعد تأكيد التزامه بأفكار الحزب. (01.11.2014)  
زواج “روميو العربي وجولييت اليهودية” يثير احتجاجات في إسرائيل
منعت الشرطة الإسرائيلية أكثر من 200 محتج من اليمينيين الإسرائيليين المتطرفين من مهاجمة مدعوين في حفل زفاف فتاة يهودية اعتنقت الإسلام وشاب مسلم. فيما نظمت مجموعة أخرى وقفة مؤيدة للزواج. (18.08.2014)  
تاريخ 31.12.2014
مواضيع عمر البشير, السودان , جنوب السودان
كلمات مفتاحية الإسلام, اعتناق الدين الإسلامي, بريطانيا, المملكة المتحدة, وينستون تشرشل, السودان
شارك إرسال فيسبوكƒ تويتر جوجل + مزيد
تعليقك على الموضوع: تعليقك على الموضوع
طباعة طباعة هذه الصفحة
الرابط http://dw.de/p/1EDYv
مواضيع ذات صلة

تطبيقات للهاتف الذكي تساعد طلاب الجامعات في دراستهم 31.12.2014
تظهر يوميا مئات تطبيقات الهواتف الذكية، ومنها ما يساعد كثيرا على تسهيل الحياة اليومية للطلاب وتنظيمها وتعينهم على الحفظ والتعلم أثناء الدراسة. نتعرف هنا على ثلاثة منها.

هكذا يحتفل الناس حول العالم برأس السنة 31.12.2014
لكل شعب عاداته بالاحتفال برأس السنة الميلادية، فبينما يفضل البعض الحفلات الكبيرة والألعاب النارية، يحبذ آخرون القيام بطقوس خاصة لطرد الأرواح الشريرة.

باسم يوسف: جهاز الكفتة “أكبر فضيحة علمية” بتاريخ مصر 31.12.2014
“جهاز الكفتة” صار موضوعا للتندر في مصر. وهو الجهاز الذي وعد مصنعوه بأنه يشفي مرضي التهاب الكبد والإيدز، وحددوا موعدا لوضعه في الخدمة ولكن لم يتم التنفيذ. باسم يوسف انتقد الاستهزاء بالناس وعدم وجود محاسبة.
تاريخ 31.12.2014
مواضيع عمر البشير, السودان , جنوب السودان
كلمات مفتاحية الإسلام, اعتناق الدين الإسلامي, بريطانيا, المملكة المتحدة, وينستون تشرشل, السودان