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O Hussain, Now the World saw the Brutality you witnessed


Here we are again

we the nation of martyrs, sufferings and sacrifice
taking the led.
Your karbala pushed us
to this post.

Do you know what?

Your enemies flamed the front again.
But your lions defeated them.
And once they get an area or province liberated from your enemies,
your lions start marching your Husayni carnival.

The land that smelled your blood expelled devils from wherever come.

Do you know what?

Your enemies came again, conquered the area and showed the world what savagery you witnessed on Ashoura.

People died on mountains fleeing their terror.

Died thirsty in deserts and borders fleeing their horror.

Women got captives and sold in markets and now the world witnesses.

Nations thought we are telling legends and folk tales
Until watching LIVE how inhuman your enemies are.

O, Hussain,

We’ve told your legend over and over but it is up till now other nations believed us; believed the brutality of the massacre of karbala.

They saw your enemies LIVE.

Would people and nations  have known such savagery still run,
they would have come to Hussain on Ashoura in person sacrificing their time, they would preserve the world a better future ruled by your ethics and mode

to ensure human sense
and life which is true a life

We are the nation of martyrs
now followed by other nations from the world corners.

Other nations now believed in us
They believed we are the first to expel devil and rebel
against tyranny
and seek life ruled by your son
Your lions confirmed your eternity campaigning in the world  ويبقى الحسين

Just to tell who Hussain is.






I wrote this script for Taweriege Run Coverage on Karbala TV 1436 H
Fatima al khansa

نص التغطية الانكليزية لركضة طويريج على قناة كربلاء، عاشوراء 1436 هجرة


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