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Unforgivable Sins

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People in power failing citizens is a real crisis nowadays. People used to live in communities and gatherings by the river to water their agriculture and eat, activate their whole being with the sun rise and relax with the sunset, glorifying Allah for the blessings given today and everyday; chatting with the gatherings, thanking mums and grand moms for all the efforts paid and respecting the father and grandfather for being all together. Conflicts were solved with great doze of love, respect to community and neighborhood. Governments emerged to organize larger and larger communities; now states and nations. And the odd news comes. People in power who are supposed to be facilitating the lives of citizens are failing; neglectful; image and international reputation is all what MPs’ care about; locals are the last to think about. Moreover, citizens have become the rent people paying the government the cost of living on their own land. Now immigrants come; Oops, they are have rights as well! What about our own rights that have never been guaranteed! International reports highlighted the rights of refugees turned their back to their own land and left it for the enemy to eat it mile by mile until the oppressor has managed to make an international profile and become backed by international “non-profit” and “human rights” org. and dare to lecture and impose its nose in clarifying what is legal, ethical and moral and what is not. Turning a blind eye for the crimes it commits on the land of the locals. Decades have passed; I waiting to take a rest and free my mind from imposed conflicts! Ohooo, another refugee influx, have left their land which is the triple of ours in size, whose governments used to educate them for free, and offers them lands for agriculture for free and medicine for free; when they came and see how our government has offered us noting for free and instead we are paying it as if we are renting the land and life and breathing from sky above, they felt sorrow for stabbing their gov in back. Then, monster comes! Black with thousands of flags. Conspiracies, agendas and maps; the same who take the lead to encounter this chaos moves the chess behind. The scenario is so complicated that my BAs can’t help decode the savagery spirit of what is claimed to be an advanced era. I want a house surrounded by a garden, my family gather, my nieces and nephews play in front of our eyes; I want good internet connection to keep in touch with the world and check how is my fellow brother and sister in the other corner of the world live and breathe and whether it is ok or no they also have a monster! I want the refugees in my country not to steal the olive corps; they are guests and guests have to behave; we are not an organized country that has guaranteed its citizens their full rights and now can manage another file like refugees and immigrant or skillful job seekers and may choose this from that; in my country it is all imposed! And we are all the time defending our rights without being backed from MPs working on their image and making the media in my country a QUOTED SPEECH journalism; no discoveries, no info; no sharing knowledge with the world; no achievement of citizens to reported- yet citizens in my land have proved to be patient as no one else waiting for MPs and people in power to have full consciousness and go on on enhancing projects promising a better today and tomorrow; mothers on my land prove everyday they are qualified enough to be the head of Ministry of Economics Development!  Get people who have common sense; I want to get my rest and free my mind from imposed conflicts and imposed people rotating since decades having no other job but to have their claims quoted in media and they think they are the best. I nominate all noble prize rewards for Duried Laham who has predicted all what goes on in his plays; his script is an early prophecy of a citizen who has high sensory of the failing MPs and what comes next.


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