A Monster conquered my Area

It is a country. It has borders and a nation within. Its sun rises from above and says 'oh, people get prepared for the bloodshed on your only habitant earth' and leans as it sets saying 'sorry for what happened today, sorry for all the conspiracies and plots against your heath and wealth and all … Continue reading A Monster conquered my Area

Imam Ja’far al Sadiq peace be upon him

Sheick Zaman Hasnawi on the anniversary of the Martyrdom of Imam al Jafar Sadiq peace be upon him. 'Ja'afari' this is how the followers of the school of Ahlul Bayt and especially Imam Ja'far al Sadiq are identified. They are named after him because of his great contribution in delievering all fields of knowledge including … Continue reading Imam Ja’far al Sadiq peace be upon him


A Saudi extremist (AbdulAlturki) tweeted his wishes to open the grave of Imam Ali and his daughter Zeinab. He deliberately identifies himseld as the descendent of Mu'awya. And he thinks that liberating Syria and Iraq from the followers of Imam Ali whom he named 'apostels' is more important that liberating Palestine from Jews. Note that … Continue reading WHAT LANGUAGE MONSTERS TWEET ON TWITTER

شيعي وافتخر

.قال الملك عبد العزيز:سوريا لا تحتاج الى رجال فرجالها الشيعيين اهل ثبات!  قال فيدل:الفرنسيون حمقى لأنهم احتلوا دولة شعبها شيعي لا يمل ولا يضعف! قال صدام:في كل نقطة دم شيعية يولد مجاهد!! قال كسنجر:لا يوجد...ولم...ولن يوجد اشجع واجدر من الرجال الشيعية! قال الحجاج:لا يغرنكم صبرهم ولا تستضعفوا قوتهم فهم إن قاموا لنصرة رجل ما تركوه … Continue reading شيعي وافتخر