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Sky News Arabia and BBC Arabic support Terrorist Groups in Iraq

War media pro the takfiri groups like Da’ish who moved their terrorist attacks to Iraq after being defeated in Syria proceed by world western media outlets. Sky Newd Arabia and BBC Arabic are both playing a controversial & suspicious role in supporting these terrorist groups and on the other hand standing against the Iraqi Military Forces and the Iraqi nation.
Top relegious clerics in Iraq have issued a statement of the obligatory defending the country and innocent people against any terrorist attacks. Iraqi tribes and volunteers have organized and grouped themselves demonstrating their readiness to abide the fatwa of jihad defending the country. They are now affiliating themselves to the Iraqi Military Forces.

However, and despite their claims of journalism ethicals like neutrality, independency and the respect of national will, BBC Arabic & Arabic Sky News have immediately turned to be the spokes channels of the takfiri group Da’ish who are massacring innocent people in day light by spreading false, fabricated news & rumors in an attempt to cause frustration among the Iraqi people.

One from these rumors is their claim that the terrorists Wahabi group named (ISIS) captivated and moreover excuted the Military Commander “Mohammad Abo Walid”today whereas he is not and yet still achieving great series of national triumphs defeating Da’ish.

Edited by Fatima al khansa


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