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Global Causes of all Deaths

The “white death” that Imam Ali (a.s.) spoke of is most likely here:Mostly, cardiovascular or heart problems are caused due to our lack of fitness and giving into the desire for food. Having such a desire is not bad, but it may become destructive if left uncontrolled. This is an example as to why desires in general are something we should fight against. The effects of over exceeding certain desires will have destructive effects in this world and the next.

The Holy Prophet [saws] has narrated: “Engage yourself in self-struggle (Jihad al-Nafs) through the means of hunger and thirst, whose reward is equivalent to the reward of those who participated in the armed struggle for Allah’s sake. There is nothing more superior before Allah’s sight than tolerating hunger and thirst during fasting.”

He (saws) also said: “The one who tolerates more hunger as well as ponders deeply about Allah as compared to others, will be assigned higher Exalted positions before their Lord on the Day of Judgement.”

Today health professionals are proving the effects of many social problems. It is estimated that approximately a quarter of people with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) are gone undiagnosed. In 2002 it was calculated that $10,900 is spent on every T2DM patient each year in Australia and this can increase to over $15,000 for each individual with additional complications. In total this is over $3 billion per year!

If we all acted to do physical exercise by waking up 1 hour earlier than usual, our life will not only change, but the economy will suffer less. This money can be utilised for more important aspects and helping humans who suffer from other problems. This is the effect of giving into the desire of food. Try to comprehend how much we can change the world if we let go of other desires as well.


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