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What Debt Crisis the Jews are preparing for the Whole World this September?

ماذا يحضر اليهود للازمة الدين العالمية في ايلول؟
This video is talking about Jews, [the Masonic], preparation of a big financial crisis in the world in September 2015.
He attributes all the recessions that have taken place in the world to a Jewish ideology that allow them take others properties including efforts & money.
The man provides evidence how sever this attack will be.

Note that I have published on the blog the Arrivals films that reveals the Masonic & Illuminate efforts in making and controling the New World Order.
The films show documents how the Masonic & Illuminate link people to bank debts to have full control over them.

On the contrary to Islamic laws based on Ahlul Bayt teachings that formulate finance laws especially loans on a very smooth contract that do not chain the debtor.


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