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Allah’s Culture and Divine Knowledge

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This blog is dedicated to spread Allah’s culture in a world that is full of this and that media stream ignoring the culture the Creator wants his creature to follow.

This culture was spread on this globe through the divine knowledge of Prophet Muhammad and his progeny [Lady Fatima and her husband Imam Ali and their sons Imam al Hassan and Imam al Husain, followed by Imam al Husain sons: Imam Ali Zein al Abdeen, Imam Muhammad al Baqir, Imam Jafar al Sadiq, Imam Musa al Kathim, Imam Ali Ridha, Imam Muhammad al Jawaad, Imam Ali al Hadi, Imam Hassan al Askari, Imam Muhammad al Mahdi– the awaited.]


According to Allah’s standards, these are the most complete and perfect human beings, presented as models for human beings to follow.

According to Allah’s standards, human being is a physical and spiritual being that could ascend to be greater than angles or descend to be less than animals. Daily world news exemplifies this ascending and descending until we became in a world that is full of corruption. Thus, I believe that the world is waiting for Justice and Justice is waiting for al Mahdi as he is the son of the Imams who cared and did their best to overcome poverty and so on and make a good establishment for human rights on top of which is the right of knowledge. Imam Ali taught us, us- his followers or Shia, to obey Allah not because of fearing Him or because we seek His Heaven, but rather we obey Him because we have found Him the One who deserves to be obeyed; thus we obey.

Why Did Allah Create us?

Why Did Allah (SWT) Create Us? | Hajj Khalil Jaffer

Sami Yusuf – You Came To Me



Who is God


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