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Bahrain is still PROTESTING. Anybody hears?

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Feb. 14 Revolution in Bahrain, a bare chest nation in a face to face daily nonstop rebellion against a worldwide armed and backed police.120 martyrs and 1,600 detained up till now- these numbers include men, women and children.

The well documentation of the revolution’s happenings and human rights violations brought it to the International Court of Justice in Hague, in Netherlands and the United Nations tables in Geneva, in Switzerland- with no response yet.

The regime is calling for a claimed dialogue with his tanks on street sides and in inner streets of the already small sized country.

Three regional countries Turkey, Qatar and the Saudi Arabia are fueling, funding and arming the militants in Syria and the remaining of the Ba’ithis in Iraq and the Taliban in Pakistan.

The world is watching. Human sense is missing.  Activists are turned silent for no appointment is confirmed with any MPs, elite, Queens and Princes. The Arabs are watching Rotana, MBC, al Jazeera and al sometimes al Arabaiya. All in all, the Arabs are either fighting or singing.

The Salafi, Takfiri Wahabi intellectuals are expressing their opinion with maximum hate of speech flavor freely on facebook, youtube leaking world ethical and social media standards.

Facebook and youtube are waiting for us to report. And the International Court of Justice is waiting of us to report. Meanwhile collective and sectarian genocides are hunting spirits in Pakistan, Iraq, Malaysia, Indonesia and Syria. Do you know what? Keep watching. The world is waiting for justice and justice is waiting for one great man- the Mahdi.

Bahraini Human Rights Activist