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The Distorting Film on Prophet Mohammad: The Oil Curse

By: Fatima Al Khansa, Lebanon

The first comment on CNN after targeting the US ambassador in Libya in response to the release of the distorting Israeli made and directed film on Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him and his Household) was delivered by one of his close working staff as saying “He was nice to the Arab world; he was helping the rebels in Libya and eager to work especially there to restore security.” Well, by the end, this ambassador belongs to the administration that has never produced a nice figure to be exported anywhere especially to the Arab and Muslim world with which all US forms of relations ranging from thinking, planning, wording, military intervention, or even resorting to creating sectarian division are all based on its top interest in domestic oil; such policies have dragged US even to be obviously failing its claimed ‘democracy’ by supporting 30-40 years in rule monarchies; or failing its so called ‘terrorism’ combats in pushing to power now the Takfiri Wahabi Salafi Al Saud backed stream. In the very first days of the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, revolutions were ignited by mothers crying to free their long-life political or opinion detained sons; the public joined to put an end to authority ignorance of their daily life financial and social demands.  The two revolutions gained wide public support successfully inspiring Bahrain and other countries. Iran called the movement as Islamic Awakening. The USA named it Arab Spring and went on searching for a key document to claim that it is inspired by the US conferences and calls for democracy but found nothing- it was national trade mark. Saudi Arabia named it nothing but feared developments thus rushed offering tanks massacring bear chest youths in Bahrain. The US was left with one choice: playing the card of election and democracy again. All at once, the entire regional nations found that it is the Takfiri Wahabi Salafi Al Saud backed stream in power. Well, it is to this stream Mr Bin Landen belongs- and instead of chasing him since the very beginning, hundreds of spirits were gone by the US cold blooded direct shots or blind air-drones in Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq- except Saudi Arabia; it is to this Takfiri Wahabi Salafi Al Saud backed stream armed groups throwing people from top-roof buildings and massacring families in Syria belong; bombers of hundreds of spirits in Iraq belong; deployed mortazaka and police riots committing crimes on behalf of Al-Khalifa and against peaceful protestors in Bahrain belong; armed groups destabilizing Tripoli exporting fights in Syrian into Lebanon belong; attackers of Shia gatherings in Pakistan belong; suddenly emerging groups with knives assassinating Shia in day time and displacing them from one village to another in Indonesia belong. IT IS TO THIS TAKFIRI WAHABBI SALAFI AL SAUD misled groups and imported groups through open borders in Libya trained to perform AMERCIAN STYLISH ‘JIHAD’ in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon belong and it is to these very exact two groups the attacker of US ambassador belongs. How nice US administration in Arab and Muslim world is? And how irritating oil curse is?!!

Well, Arab and Muslim reactions to the distorting film on Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him and his Household) have united all on one response that Prophet Mohammad is a RED LINE. The response today could not be categorized as a matter of freedom of speech versus justified or unjustified mass protests like those claims fabricated for the Dutch cartoon crisis. This film is directed by Israelis.

The entire dilemma lies in the US associating Islam to the Takfiri Wahabi Salafi Al Saud stream’s establishment just because of the oil. And if the world is misled to think and build any similar association between the Takfiri Wahabi Salafi Al Saud stream and Prophet Mohammad, results will be often what we are witnessing.

Why is such association favored to the US, Western powers and Israel? First, Al Saud initially came in power after conquering large parts of the Arabian Peninsula by Ibn Saud in 1902 who soon became its king. Then oil appeared. Then, king Abdullaziz signed approving world powers’ request to settle Israel in Palestine stating: ‘Jews are our cousins’.
Mohammad Abd Al Wahhab was being developed in UK as an Islamist figure and soon emerged as the initiator of the Wahhabi school in Saudi Arabia.
This overall cook came to ensure the US- Takfiri Wahabi Salafi interests are guaranteed.

The sources of this film, as Sayid Kamal al Haidari said on a televised interview, are from wahabi sources who distorted the figure of Prophet Mohammad and fabricated hadiths on him.

It is the Hadiths war then that the successors of Prophet Mohammad have spent their lives correcting to keep the message of Prophet Mohammad as sent by Allah- Imam Hussein Peace be upon him has defended its presence and continuity sacrificing his blood in Kerbala as saying: “I seek reform in my grandfather’s Ummah.”

But It is up until the world understand that Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him and his Household), is the messenger of logic, justice, human rights, woman rights, good neighboring among individuals and societies, and mercy to the entire humanity and to the Arab and Muslim world in particular and thus he has nothing to do with the handicapped weird Takfiri Wahabi Salafi Al Saud stream and establishment.

And today, Arab and Muslim rebellious who have taken the streets to topple the ever backed US and Western power regimes are angry from the US, Western powers and the Takfiri Wahabi Salafi Al Saud stream for stealing their revolutions and pushing in power Takfiri Wahabi Salafi Al Saud groups whose ideology is strange to the entire domestic populations seeking rights and justice and adequate share of governmental or kingdom revenues.

Iraq, in particular, is deeply anger first from embedding Saddam Hussein as a Sunni figure- whereas his crimes know no Allah, messenger or message- and then removing him by military occupation costs the lives of thousands of people and then leaving the country with Takfiri Wahabi Salafi Al Saud stream groups to manage in high frequent bloody attacks also taking the lives of hundreds to thousands of people there; well, on the other hand and under all changing challenges, the Iraqis have continued Imam al Hussein mission whether in establishing study centers globally where they immigrated fleeing Saddam’s oppression or now based in Iraq through media outlets like Karbala Channel (dedicated to Imam Hussein’s mission) or Duaa Channel (dedicated to expose the Takfiri Wahbbi Salafi Al Saud distorted thinking) and reviving movement of literary treasure including the great encyclopedias of Sayid Sadiq al Sadr and Baqir al Sadr (vanished by acid liquid as ordered by Saddam Hussien) whose encyclopedias have successfully illustrated what solutions could Islam bring to today’s crises especially the financial one in“Falsfatona” (Our Philosophy) or “Iktisadona” (Our Economy).

Actually, Lebanon is anger; Iraq is anger! Bahrain is anger; Palestine is anger; Iran is anger; Mauritania is anger; Pakistan is anger; Libya is anger; Tunisia is anger; Yemen is anger; Afghanistan is anger; Eastern Province is anger; It is oil curse dear!