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Ziyarat Ashoura in English

O Allah, bless Muhammad and his family and Fitch-Sherif

Peace be upon you O Abu Abdullah, peace be upon you, O son of the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon you, O God and son of the chosen) peace

You, O son of the faithful and the son of guardians, peace be upon you O son of Fatima, Our Lady of women in the world, peace

There was you, O God I’m alive, and the gut motor, peace to you and the souls who died with you all of me

The peace of God is never left and stayed the night and day, O Abu Abdullah Great is the loss and unbearable and great is your tragedy

Us and on all people of Islam and unbearable and great calamity in the heavens to all the people of the heavens, cursed

God’s people, who laid the basis of oppression and injustice you, people of the house, and May Allah curse from your position, and removed you from

The rank in which Allah had placed you, and God cursed the nation Guetltkm and those who facilitated by enabling them to fight you, acquitted

To God and to you, them and their adherents and followers and their friends, O Abu Abdullah I of peace and war to those who Salmkm

Harbakm to the Day of Resurrection, and Allah has cursed the family of Marwan Al-Ziad, and cursed God Umayyad as a whole, and God damn I’m Marjanah

May Allah curse Umar bin Saad, and cursed God Shamra, and Allah curse those who curse carried out, saw and tried to kill you, You are the father and mother

I have great sorrow for you, ask God, who has honored me with your status, and generosity to grant me revenge with a request to Mansour

Family of Muhammad, may Allah bless him and his family, O Allah, make me valid Balhasin peace in the world and the Hereafter

O Abu Abdullah, I seek nearness to God and to His Messenger and to the faithful and to Fatima, and to Hassan Here

Bmwalatk and acquittal (who are taking your life and set you guilty of war and those who established the foundations of oppression and injustice and I turn to you

To God and His Messenger) who established the foundations that built upon its architecture has been in the oppression and cruelty on you and

Your followers, I turn to God and to you of them, and seek nearness to God through love and then you and your friends, and by disassociating

Your enemies and those who went to war with you and disassociating from their adherents and followers, I recognized those who Salmkm and the war is

Harbakm and ran those who befriended you and the enemy of those who Aadhakm pray to Allah who honored me with awareness and knowledge of your friends and has enabled me

The innocence of your enemies that makes me with you in this world and the Hereafter, and proves to me you have a sure footing in this world

And the Hereafter and ask them to tell me your honored God, and bless me to seek victory in front with Huda phenomenon

Speaking right to you and ask God to your right and affairs you have with Him to give me Bmassabi gives you the best

Infected Bmuseibth What great sorrows and great sorrows in Islam and in all the heavens and the earth God

Make me, at this moment, one who receives you prayers, mercy and forgiveness, O Allah make me live the life of Muhammad and

Muhammad and me die the death of Muhammad and God that this day when Bani children illiterate and I’m eating the liver of the dreaded

Dreaded the tongue and the tongue of your Prophet may Allah bless him and his family at every location and the position of stopping in. Your Prophet

And his family, O Allah, curse Abu Sufyan and Sid and Sid them more than I curse you forever and ever, and this day was happy

The family of Marwan Al-Ziad killing of Hussein, they redoubled God curse you and torment (painful)

O Allah, I seek nearness to Thee on this day in this position, and the days of my innocence of them and curse them

And though the love of your Prophet and all your Prophet peace be upon him and then say a hundred times: O Allah, curse the first tyrant who oppressed the right of Muhammad

And his family and another who followed him on this, God curse the group, which has fought Al-Hussein (peace be upon him) and though the love

The Prophet, and continued to kill him, God curse them all a hundred times and then say: Peace be upon you O Abu Abdullah, and the

The souls who died you, from me the peace of God is never left and stayed the night and day and did not make another God of the Covenant

Me for stopping by, peace be upon Hussein and Ali Bin Al Hussein, the sons of Hussein, and the owners

Hussein, and then say: O Allah, You are the first singled out unfairly cursed me and start with him first, then (violence) is the second, third and fourth

O Allah, curse, curse over V and Obeid-Allah ibn Ziyad, Ibn Morgana, Omar and Saad bin Abi Sufian Shamra and Al and Al

Ziad family of Marwan to the Day of Resurrection, and worship and say: O Allah, Praise, Praise you thankful you on their enormous

Thank God for the great God bless me with intense grief intercession Hussein on roses and proved to me a truthful with you

Hussein and the companions of Hussein who sacrificed everything for Hussein, peace be upon him. May Allah bless Muhammad and

Muhammad sallallahu