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Bahrain, the Publicity of it’s King and Prince Crimes

Where 14 February Revolution is today has never been predicted by Prince Hamad Bin Issa and his staff of supporters! The revolution is highly insisting on having it’s demands achieved- freeing political prisoners is one of them- and a day after another the public insistence grows larger while the prince takes increasing number of political prisoners including women, children, bloggers and human rights activists. The big irony is that his so called riot police has itself turned causing riot:
1. Deliberately and intentionally shooting dead and killing protestors or any suspected to be protestors
2. Preventing injured protestors from entering hospitals
3. Taking increasing number of detainees and political prisoners including children, women, youths, bloggers and human rights activists
4. Torturing..torturing and torturing until three men of different ages have been killed up till now!!!
5. Destroying and removing Lulu Status in an attempt to remove it’s connotation and symbolization to the young revolution in Bahrain, destroying worship places and mosques- I don’t know if it were in an attempt to cut people relation and connection to their Almighty Allah!!!
6. Detaining active girls for update SMS about the revolution and leaking the prince crimes worldwide…
The list will go on down until the hysterical prince find himself in one of two ends: killed by Allah’s will simply like Numrud or chatting with ousted presidents of Egypt, Tunisia in saudi Arabia in a tent far away from civilization manually manufactured by the hands of qathafi….


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