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The Venerable As-Sahla Mosque مسجد السهلة المعظم

Here is the link to the Venerable As-Sahla Mosque (مسجد السهلة المعظم), a bilingual site introduces the mosque.
It is one of the holiest places that Shias and Muslims visit in Iraq.
Enjoy it
and Have the best wishes attached and flying around the dome and the whole space of the place; on top of the wishes for 1432 Hegira, 2011 May Allah expedite the arrival of Imam Al Mahdi, Peace be upon him, and have us under his honorable flag and commander, introducing the civilization of Prophet Muhammad and Ahlu Al Bayt, Peace be upon all of them day and night and with every breath we inhale and exhale.
Wish you the best 🙂


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