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The Third of the Blessed Month of Sha’aban: Imam Hussein Birthday

I would like today to pass the most wonderful greetings for the anniversary of the birthday of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, the son of Imam Ali and Lady Fatima, and the brother of Imam Al Hassan, Lady Zeinab and Al Mawla Abo Fadhil Al Abas, peace be upon all of them.

I wish that every human being gets granted the chance to go and visit the shrine of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him. No matter how many lectures you may have heard in your life on Imam Hussein; no matter how much you know about him; no matter what you miss because you are not obeying his teachings and taking his path in your life, all what I wish is that he himself invites you to go and visit him and see the glory that Almighty Allah has specified this Divine and infallible person with.

Today, the NEURO-LINGUISTICS PROGRAMMING SCIENCE, or NLP, has found that it is absolutely necessary for every human being to have a model in his life in order to act and react properly at peak and hard times. And let me declare it on this platform, which is dedicated to Ahlu Al Bayt one by one, Imam Hussein, is one of the perfect models appointed by Allah for us to follow. Otherwise, people will stay in astray from the right path to Allah; will stay away from the codes that open the roads of happiness and greatness in this life and in the hereafter.

I wish all of you the best, and the approach to the glory of Allah and his best chosen and beloved people.

Imam Hussein is a Divine secret, try to know, try to understand it, try to catch its hints, try to know more and more about him, his teachings and recommendations. If our world today is in need of justice, Imam Hussein is the Lord of martyrs of Justice and transparency and righteousness.

Imam Hussein is the key entry of every positive word, term and meaning in this world.

Personally, he is the lord of my love, my life, my mind, my heart, my relations, my going outs, my work, my effort, and my everything.

I wish you the best. I wish you the knowledge that let you know who Imam Hussein is.

TODAY is the anniversary of Imam Hussein, and tomorrow, the fourth of the blessed month of Sha’aban is the anniversary of Al Mawla Abu Fadhil al Abbas. Look what a coincidence. A day separates between their anniversaries, an hour or less separates between their martyrdoms, less than one minute separates between their shrines in Karbala. When you go there, you don’t know whom to visit first. Actually, we visit Al Mawla Abu Fadhil al Abbas first in order to take the permission to visit his great and grand brother and lord in the battle Imam Hussein. More actually, the trip to Imam Hussein, from Lebanon or Syria, starts from taking the first permission from his sister Lady Zeinab, whose Shrine is in Syria, then to the Najaf Al Ashraf (the sacred Najaf), then to Abu Fadhil Al Abbas, only then to Imam Hussein. And at Imam Hussein shrine, that means near, very near to his physical body and presence, you feel what you may never feel ever before or after, ever in any other place, you feel the closeness to Allah. Why? Because you are there at the feet of the person who is chosen by Allah to be your Lord and master and commander.

Try it. Only then, you may know what I am speaking about!

My passion goes freely toward Lady Fatima
and the Lord of Time Muhammad Al Mahdi Al Montathar


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