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How Connected Natural Disasters to Allah’s Wrath upon Human Oppression and Corruption are?

So far, we human beings have witnessed a horrible number of natural disasters (floods, volcanoes- as in the recent case of Icleland, plagues…etc.), and it seems that things are getting worse and extremely uncontrolled. Has any of us thought for a moment that WHAT IF I GOT MISSED IN SUCH DISASTERS, HOW TINY I AM IN COMPRISON TO SUCH GIANT DISASTERS, WHAT IF SAFETY WERE NOT GUARANTEED, WHAT IF I GOT LOST IN THE DARKNESS CAUSED BY A VOLCANO or BRIGHTNESS OF A FLOODING WAVE… who examines the pictures broadcasted by news wires, especially REUTERS as on the following link: http://blogs.reuters.com/photo/2010/04/20/volcanoes-lightning-and-experimentation
will definitely come to the truth that I have to think twice before I get another morning, or another news bulletin describing another series of horribly scenes. Please tell me what you think and what you relate such disasters with? Soon, I will be working on producing a documentary film providing the Islamic view and reading of the causes and the indications of such series of disasters. Stay tuned and share me, please.


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