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Ashura’ 61 Hegira-1431 Hegira: The story to be always retold..

Imam Husain Shrine
Imam Husain Shrine

This year, 1431 Hegira/ 2010 A.D. marks the 1370th anniversary of Ashura’, the 10th day of Muharram al-Haram (Sacred Muharram) according to Islamic lunar calendar, the day on which Imam Hussein along with his sons and companions stood face-to-face against all manifestation of corruption, stupidity, abusing people’s rights of knowledge and being guided to Allah and practicing proper Islam as it is revealed to Prophet Muhammad; Ashura’ is a historical day whose story has been told and recited all over this time and that will always be retold over and over… every human being may find himself related to this story in a way or another… if I want to tell its theme in brief, I would like to state that it is a crucial school that teaches you how to take a decision or how to be a perfect decision maker in your life.. how to master you choices and lead your own path without being abased or oppressed by any of those who pretend things they don’t own!!! Ashura’ is the day of Imam al-Hussein who knows what prestige Allah has given him yet he was killed by those who feel it is toooooooooooooo hard to absorb such a position. The more you know about Ashura’ and Karbala’, the more you become aware how history repeats itself… the scene of a killing arrow tearing the neck of a little baby who once he felt the hotness of his blood, started to tremble thinking it is some of water brought to satisfy his thirst… however, he is killed although he is placed between the arms of his father who said “what sins have children committed?!!!” Actually, they have committed no sins, but it is the strategy of stupidity of killing to be ruling and enjoying people’s possessions and abusing their rights of knowledge and knowledge and knowledge as it knowledge is the path to Allah and once a human being knows his Allah will never accept any other lord less in degree and quality than Allah!!! Ashura’ in 1431 Hegira is still hot and alive, pilgrimages in millions are visiting the shrine of Imam al-Hussein now expressing all the sorrow for the stupidity that led to such tragedy!!!


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